Shop Features: Coffee Table Books

Shop Features:
Coffee Table Books

Our shop features a wide range of coffee table books that are intended to inspire, spark conversations, and illustrate the sheer beauty of the world we live in. Flipping through their pages allows the reader to immerse themselves in both the imagery and the evocative texts.  

Below is just a segment of what is available in the shop! 

Great Bear Wild: Dispatches from a Northern Rainforest
By Ian McAllister, Forward by Robert F. Kennedy Jr.
$50 +GST

An exceptionally detailed book that illustrates the biodiversity of the Great Bear Rainforest and the current threats to its sustainability. 

An excerpt from the front jacket states,
"In eloquent, evocative prose, McAllister portrays the rainforest's rhythms. We meet Gitga'at elders from the small community of Hartley Bay, Heiltsuk engaged in the traditional herring roe fishery, and scientists devoted to studying the region's fascinating return of humpback and fin whales. Yet, a number of mega-energy projects now threaten this coast like no other time in history, endangering the Great Bear's traditional ways of life for humans and non-humans alike; Great Bear Wild shows in a visceral way what is at stake if these projects proceed. This is a deeply personal work, full of the wisdom developed over a lifetime of observation."

Beauty of the Canadian Rockies
By Paul Zizka and Meghan J. Ward 
$15 +GST

An elegant showcase of images depicting the sheer beauty of the Canadian Rockies. Through photographs from all four seasons the colours, textures, and vibrancy of the mountains shines through.   

An excerpt from the back cover reads,
"In celebration of the 150th anniversary of Canadian Confederation, this stunning collection of 60 photographs highlights the beauty, majesty and awe-inspiring landscapes found in western Canada's most prestigious mountain environments, including Banff, Canmore, Lake Louise, Jasper, Kananaskis, Waterton and Yoho."   

Legacy in Time: Three Generations of Mountain Photography in the Canadian West
By Henry Vaux Jr. 
$30 +GST

This remarkable collection of photographs illustrates the monumental changes that have occurred to the glacial formations of the Rocky Mountains over time. Each before and after photograph is juxtaposed to the other to create a sobering rendition of Canada's receding glaciers. 

Read an excerpt from the back below:
"Since 1997, Henry Vaux Jr. has been taking duplicate photographs of the glaciers his grandfather, great-uncle and great-aunt captured on glass plates a century ago. Standing in the exact same locations with his own tripod and camera, Vaux has documented a century of change and created an extraordinary artistic and historical document that will inspire many and tell a story that was three generations in the making." 

Banff & Lake Louise: Images of Banff National Park
By John E. Marriott
$29.95 +GST

Marriott presents a wonderful collection of both wildlife and landscapes from Banff National Park. As a local, Marriott's images capture the grand vistas of the mountains but also the small charming details. His passion for this area comes through both in the images and text.

I Am Albertan: A Modern-day Photographic Essay of the Albertan People
By Tim Van Horn and Kristen Wagner
$30 +GST

This photographic essay embodies and highlights the diversity of Albertans. From farmers to mechanics, to beer brewers and postal workers, this book showcases the people of Alberta. 

An excerpt from inside, 
"I Am Albertan is dedicated to everyone- past, present and future- who has fueled the spirit of Alberta. This book honours the can-do initiative that characterizes the wild rose province and the hard work, on so, many levels, that has built strong individuals, families, and communities." 


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